The Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose on one leg or Ardha Kapotasana is a yoga posture that acts on three levels, like all asanas: the physical, the mental and the energetic, but also addresses the chakras. This posture is practiced by athletes, athletes, gymnasts and dancers, for their ability to expand the hips and groin. In its final form, it resembles a dove; hence his name in Sanskrit: Ardha, which means Half; Kapota, which means Paloma; and Asana, which means Pose.

In addition to effectively opening your hips, Ardha Kapotasana works the psoas muscle, which moves laterally over the upper thigh and lower back, connecting the trunk and legs. Kapotasana specifically addresses these muscle parts and strengthens them.

Kapotasana easily adapts to all levels. However, precise alignment is especially important when performing the pigeon’s posture on one leg so that the knees and hips do not exceed when bowing. For this we recommend preparing your hips well before moving on to the second step and moving the upper body towards the floor.

To start, you may only need to work with the legs and pelvis, from the dog’s head down.

  • Slide your right knee forward between your hands and place your foot slightly near the left hip. Lower the pelvis and stretch the left leg back, lowering the knee to the floor.
  • If your pelvis is not resting comfortably on the floor, you may need a folded blanket or pillow to support your right hip.
  • Turn your toes down to remove the left leg and further open the groin and thigh. Then, smooth your foot on the floor and sink your pelvis as you walk with your hands to the sides of it.
  • Project the coccyx down to align the pelvis vertically and lift it through the torso, centering the pelvis between the legs and the crown of the head, on the pelvic floor.
  • Then bring the shoulder blades down and widen the clavicles as is done in the cobra’s posture.
  • Do not forget to breathe calmly, inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Once you finish, repeat each step of the exercise on the other side.

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