The Cow Face Pose

With the La Vaca yoga posture you will be able to warm your hips, legs and shoulders. The Asana de la Vaca is a difficult posture for yoga beginners. This position is called Cow because seen from above, it looks like the face of a cow, in which the feet would be the horns, and the knees the nose of the cow.

Step by step to do the Gomukha Asana (Cow Face) do the following:

  • Posture sitting cross-legged, left leg in front, and resting the ankle on the right knee. The low leg should be so that the right ankle is strained on the floor, under the right knee. The tibiae should form a triangle with the thighs. To activate the muscles of the inner face of the thighs and calves you will have to flex both heels. Lean forward and slide your hands across the floor. Hold this pose for a few minutes and then do the same with the opposite side.
  • Sitting on the floor with your feet apart and your knees bent, move your right foot and leave it under your left knee and bring your heel to your left hip. Toes to the left side. The left foot brings it closer to the right hip, and the toes pointing to the right. Try to keep your body weight evenly distributed between the ischiations. Push the left knee down with both hands to bring the knees closer.
  • Stretch the left arm and turn the shoulder inward, so that the palm points back and the thumb down. Bend your elbow and place your left hand behind your back, palm out. Extend the right arm up, bend the arm from the shoulder so that the thumb points back, and finally bend the elbow so that the two hands can touch behind the skirt. Move your right elbow back and lift your chest.

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