Selecting a Yoga Mat

What are the attributes that a yoga mat should meet?

We understand that at the time of choosing, the aspects of your tastes will always appear, because in the end your personality comes out and that influences the purchase of the concentration mat, that’s why we will give you some attributes so that you have present in your choice.

Remember, there are many stores that offer these exercise equipment and that sometimes stuns, so we want to give you the best panorama and take into account all the features in terms of: models, designs, colors, dimensions.

Traction – Key to prevent it from sliding. This will help you to execute different movements with greater security and pleasure.
Weight – Your YogaMat must be definitely lightweight to transfer it to any environment.
Comfort – It is important for concentration work, to select one that suits your style. Choose the most stable and the most pleasant, so you should touch and feel the material.
Stability – In this practice of concentration, the positions are important and as you go up the level, the more positions you are going to make, so you have to carefully review the material so that it does not lose its consistency.
Size– Choose the one that suits your dimensions, as for your body, remember that many of those relaxation exercises your physique will be in contact with the mat.
Color, design and design– That is at your discretion. Choose the Yoga Mat that most closely resembles your way of being and feeling.

What aspects to consider when selecting a Yoga Mat?

  • The choice of one material or another is just a matter of preferences and how that material reacts with your body.
  • Among the most used are PVC, which offers a sensational grip.
  • Cotton, excellent for absorbing sweat but rather slippery.
  • Natural rubber, an environmentally friendly material because it is recycled, which guarantees a good grip, but not as much as PVC.
  • Jute, provides a perfect grip for a practical 100% safe thanks to a resin polymer.
  • Bamboo, cork and hemp: these are also other excellent materials.
  • Take the surface into account.
  • I present to you that if you are going to use the mat, it will guide the mat to use. Adsorption capacity and hardness is key
  • Do you sweat enough? Then I recommend that the material be polyester
  • Safety. Use one that gives you safety to avoid possible landslides in the exercise

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