Cobra pose

The Bhujangasana or Posture of the Cobra is a Yoga posture that is performed by lying face down on the WideMat and flexing the back back with the support of the arms and legs, which are stretched.

Taking into account this small description, you can understand the name of this position. Think of a cobra, how is it? Surely you have imagined it with your head raised, resting on a part of your body. That is why the ancient yogis of even millennia ago gave this name to the posture: Bhujangasana, which means in Spanish “Posture of the Cobra”, since “bhujanga” means snake in Sanskrit and “asana”, as we well know from all the postures of Yoga, means posture.

Step by step to do the Bhujangasana do the following:

  • Lie on your WideMat face down with your arms slightly apart from the body and palms down as well.
  • Perform a breathing cycle 5-10-10 (inspire for 5 seconds, hold and release the air in 10 seconds each phase) to relax, and always through the nose.
  • Support the palms of your hands just below the shoulders.
  • Stretch your legs and support the instep of each foot on the WideMat.
  • Take a deep breath just before you push yourself with your arms to raise the body from the waist up. Stretch your arms as much as possible while doing backward bending. Throw back your head too
  • Hold between 20 and 30 seconds in the final position.

Ideally, your legs fully stretched, always touching the WideMat. In other Yoga positions in which the arms are fully stretched and hold the body, the shoulders are just above the wrists in the final position. But it is not like that in the Bhujangasana or Posture of the Cobra because there is a backward bending of the back, which also pushes the shoulders towards that direction.

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